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5 Reasons Why Our Mentors Are The Best


5 Reasons Why Our Mentors Are The Very Best

One of the most important things we do here at the Boys & Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region is mentor every child who walks through our doors. We believe that providing children with positive adult role models is critical to helping them develop into healthy, happy, productive members of society.

Our youth development professional staff work with each of our Club members to provide a framework for positive relationships. Making positive connections helps our kids and teens to succeed - not only interpersonally, but at school, work, and in the community. Mentoring relationships form the safety net that many of our kids need as they continue through life; encountering their challenges, making their decisions and contributions, and choosing their paths forward.

So what is a mentor? We define them as caring individuals who, along with parents or guardians, provide young people with emotional support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and a constructive example in a structured and trusting relationship.

BGCPPR mentors are trained volunteers and staff members who commit to becoming positive adult role models for kids and teens. Our mentors know this isn’t a one-size-fits-all program; instead, they recognize that all our kids have individual needs. As a result, our program is flexible enough to address those needs, while still structured enough to flourish within the safe Club environment.

So, here the five reasons why our mentors are the best around:

BGCPPR mentors are accessible on a daily basis. Our Club staff and volunteers are present every day, both before and after school. This consistent accessibility matters, as the kids become part of a community that functions much like a family would, everyday.
Our mentors model positivity, kindness and empathy. Too many of our kids experience negative situations - at home, or at school - and they all need a safe, trusted person to turn to. BGCPPR mentors are trained to act as a positive influence in kids’ lives.
BGCPPR mentors share their experiences, insights, failures and successes. Sometimes hearing about the situations that a trusted adult went through - perhaps the mentor was bullied as a child, or came from a rough home life - can demonstrate to a child that life goes on, and we can all succeed, no matter our circumstances.
Our mentors truly listen to the kids, and show genuine interest in each child as an individual. Kids can get lost in today’s shuffle - parents are overwhelmed, teachers are overworked, and sadly, it’s the youth that suffer. Our mentors have the time and patience to sit with each child and make them feel heard, understood and valued.
Our mentors challenge the kids to dream! We all need someone to push us, and trained mentors know just how much to push while still providing continuous support. Encouraging our kids to take big steps can mean the difference between a life lived, and a life survived.
Thank you for reading,

James Sullivan III, President & CEO