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Helping Teens Get There Safe

Each year in the past decade between 5,000 and 6,000 American teenagers were killed in motor vehicle accidents. In fact, car crashes are consistently the top killer of teens in America. In addition to those killed, about 300,000 are injured each year due to car crashes.

This past September, Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities lost two teenage passengers in a car accident. The driver and another occupant survived. It seems impossible to fathom the devastation and loss caused by this tragic event. Life will never be the same for those involved or those close to the two teens.

To help prevent these tragedies occurring every day around the nation, The Allstate Foundation - the nonprofit arm of the Allstate family - set a goal to reduce traffic-related fatalities by 50 percent in 2015. The Allstate Foundation is committed to educating teens and parents on safe driving practices. As such, the foundation commissioned a study to report on the State of Teen Driving.

The report focuses on the mindsets of teenagers behind the wheel. It uses data collected from brain development studies and research on teen drivers’ attitudes to determine the two root causes associated with teen attitudes: peer pressure and brain development.

It appears that by examining teens’ social and biological developmental patterns, conclusions can be drawn that may shed light on the real issue. Can 15-19-year-olds make rational, well-thought-out decisions while under social pressure? Can the emotional wellbeing of teen drivers and occupants be a distraction and overtake decision-making and responsibility? These are tough questions, and some that parents need to sit down and talk about with their teen drivers.

The report certainly led me to rethink what is causing our young teens to walk out the door with the car keys and end up in a fatal accident, never to return home again. I’m proud to work for a company that supports critical issues like teen safe driving, and that allows me to provide important tools like Star Driver or Drivewise that allows parents and teens to talk about the issue and come to an agreement on what is allowed, and what isn’t allowed, in the car.

Thanks to The Allstate Foundation, changing the culture of how teen drivers make decisions while on the road has become my mission. I will continue to deliver the Allstate slogan and program to the youth of this city - Get There Safe.

Dennis Jordan

Allstate Agency Owner

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Read the Allstate Foundation report on the State of Teen Driving: