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We Dare Kids to Dream


“I have a dream...” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

An integral part of our mission at the Boys & Girls Club is to help each child who walks through our doors to build a unique vision for their future. Many of the children we serve come from challenging circumstances where possibilities seem limited - they don’t dare to dream because they can’t imagine a way out, a better future.

But, we know that great futures start with big dreams, so we encourage our kids to create, explore, and imagine the possibilities. Then, we supply our kids with the skills they need to accomplish their ambitions and live up to their full potential. We foster creativity, curiosity, and an attitude of “I can,” every single day. We help our kids develop a sense of purpose, we give them a place to use their unique gifts, and show them how to give back to others as they accomplish their dreams.

We dare our kids to dream big and then give them the tools to needed to achieve those dreams… Here’s how:

Our mentors to show kids how to dream.
Our professional youth development staff guide our kids in creating unique dreams, setting goals, and building a vision for their future. Our mentors help kids find activities that interest them, help motivate kids to think about who they are, and who they might become. They ask questions about their hopes for the future and whether the choices they are making will move them in the right direction. What’s more, they model positive behaviors - like teamwork, honesty, flexibility, and patience - that are necessary for achieving big dreams.

We give kids plenty of time to engage in creative play.
Kids need to play. They need be engaged in inventing, creating, innovating, and connecting with one another. Kids who frequently engage in supervised, safe, and creative play perform better in school, and later on in life. Play cultivates creativity and problem solving and teaches teamwork, respect, and leadership - all vital skills that kids need as they work toward realizing their dreams.

We give kids opportunity through exposure to new activities and experiences.
How can you find out what you’re passionate about if you’re never exposed to it? Whether it’s participating in a fishing derby, learning how to build and program a robot, being pen-pals with an Olympic athlete, or running a community service project, we encourage exploration by giving kids fun and unique opportunities that they might otherwise never get.

We give kids the practical tools to make their dreams real.
Reality is tough to handle sometimes, so we supply children with the tools they need to be patient, persistent, resilient, and courageous. Club kids learn effective ways to cope with challenges by practicing life-skills like conflict resolution, choice making, communication, and good citizenship. What’s more, their confidence and self-esteem are bolstered by programs that enhance their interpersonal abilities and develop their identity.

We dare kids to dream and support those dreams in every way possible. If you’d like to hear about the dreams and accomplishments of some of our most outstanding youth, please join us for our annual Youth of the Year Celebration, held this year on February 5th. More information is available at or by calling 719-570-7077.

Thank you for reading,

James Sullivan, President & CEO