2021-2022 School Year Info & Pricing

After School Monthly

Your child can participate in our after school programs for only:

 •Age Range: 6-12 years old

 •Membership Fee (School Year): $10.00

 •After School Monthly Fee: $25.00/child per month

The Club (Teen Afterschool Program)

Teens can participate in our programs for only $10.00 per school year!

 •Age Range: 13-18 years old

 •Membership Fee (School Year): $10.00

 •No weekly or monthly fee for teens

Boys & Girls Club Enrollment       

Enrolling kids and teens in Boys & Girls Club programs is easy! You can complete much of the enrollment process online, however, we are required to keep some documents on file - we'll need paper copies of those items. Just follow the steps below to enroll.  

All enrollment steps must be completed as soon as possible. Service will NOT be provided until enrollment has been completed.

Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year will open soon!

1. Documents 
  •  Universal Signature Form (download appropriate USF to right)
  •  Your Child's Current Photo
  •  Your Child's Birth Certificate 
  •  Your Child's Immunization Records 
  •  COVID-19 Policies & Procedures Signature Page

Additional Documents

  • Medication Administration Form (if applicable-Click HereMust be       signed by a doctor. EpiPen and/or Inhaler must be turned into the       Central Office or Club Director prior to youth starting the                       program. 
  • Asthma Care Plan- Click Here 
  • For seizures, must get plan from your doctor
  • Guardianship Documentation (if applicable)  
2. Register on the Parent Portal  

       Click the button below to go to your Parent Portal

      •Set Up Your Account and Add Each Child using the Parent Portal

        Enrollment Tutorial

      •Enroll EACH 6-12yr old Child into the After School Monthly* service         for the school year via the "Enroll" tab OR enroll into My Virtual Club         Membership OR Summer Camp if appropriate

      •Pay the School Year OR Summer Membership Fee* for EACH Youth         (6-18yrs) (does not apply to My Virtual Club Membership)

      Receive Membership Payment Confirmation Email

      •Receive After School Monthly (6-12yrs only) OR My Virtual Club                   Membership OR Summer Camp service Enrollment Email 

      *Registration and/or Membership & initial service fees are


3. Complete Documents

     Submit completed documents by:

     Uploading through Parent Portal (How To)

     Email: registration@bgcppr.org

     Fax: (719) 570-7079

     In Person: 1307 Aeroplaza Dr. C/S, CO 80916 by appointment only

Enrollment Tutorial

Need some help with enrollment? This handy "How To" will walk you through the steps of account creation and online enrollment. If you have questions, please feel free to email us at registration@bgcppr.org. Thank you!

Online Enrollment Tutorial


Your enrollment must be complete before your child/teen can begin participating in Boys & Girls Club/The Club programs. Make sure that you have completed online enrollment, paid your membership fee, and turned in all of your paper documents to our office at least 24-48 business hours before your child's/teen's first day at the Club!

2021-2022 School Year

Universal Signature Form (Ages 6-12)

Universal Signature Form (Ages 13-18)

Parent Handbook

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

BGC Mission Youth Outreach (Military Only)

Miscellaneous Forms

Medication Administration Form (if applicable)

Asthma Care Plan (if applicable)

Milk Sub Request Form (if applicable)  

English Special Diet Statement (if applicable) 

Spanish Special Diet Statement (if applicable)  

Immunization Exemption - Medical  (if applicable)