The Club for Teens

A Cool Space For Teens Ages 13-18!

We understand that teenagers can have a hard time fitting in. They aren’t kids, but they aren’t quite adults - and it’s tough being stuck in that “in-between” place. At The Club, we treat our teens like the young adults they are. We focus on getting teens ready for the real world by assisting them with scholarship, leadership and community outreach opportunities, while providing them with a safe, caring environment blended with friends and fun!

Contact our Tutt Club for more information:

Phone: 719.570.6242


Location: E.A. Tutt Club

1455 South Chelton Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80910

About The Club

At The Club, we provide a safe space where teens can access transformative mentorship based programs. It’s a place where teens can jump in, have fun, make friends, and get involved in programs that make a positive difference in their own lives, and in the lives of others. At The Club, we maintain a nonjudgmental environment — we encourage teens to be their authentic selves. Through mentorship, we promote positive character traits like honesty, integrity, respect, determination, and compassion. Whether it’s just hanging out and talking, playing volleyball or basketball, getting homework done, creating art and music, or helping out in the community, all of our programs focus on learning in one way or another. We want each teen to develop their own talents, passions, and personality at The Club.

The Vision

We envision The Club as the central hub of teen leadership activity in the Pikes Peak Region. With a focus on character development through mentorship, we’d like every teen who walks through our doors to aspire to greatness. What’s more, we want our teens to travel the road to success with integrity, authenticity, and heart.

Current Programs

Youth of the Year: Developing & Recognizing Young Leaders 

Our teen leadership program, Youth of the Year, unfolds over the course of twelve months, at the end of which, one outstanding teen is selected to represent the Club as the Pikes Peak Region Youth of the Year. Throughout this dynamic program, teens are given opportunities to act as leaders in the Club, the community, at home, and at school. This group of outstanding teens participate in team building trips, travel to surrounding Clubs to create peer connections, initiate dialogue with community leaders, and receive special training and mentorship. They cultivate integrity, practice kindness, foster innovation, and learn to use their strengths to become positive role models. What’s more, YOY teens have the opportunity to earn college scholarships and to strengthen their college applications with the unique experiences they’ve accumulated during the program. All Youth of the Year participants have been Club members for at least two years and are currently involved in the Club’s other engaging programs.

Graduate for Mas: Education is Key to Success

The Graduate for Mas program has a special purpose: empowering teens to graduate from high school with the momentum they need to maintain their success as they face life’s obstacles. We do this by helping our teens to navigate the challenges of high school, while encouraging them to develop vision for their lives far beyond graduation day. To that end, we expose teens to a wide variety of educational opportunities to help them discover their interests. We ask our teens not only what they want to do when they grow up, but who they want to be. An artist, a writer, an engineer, an athlete, a video game designer, or a cell biologist - no mater what our teens are passionate about becoming, we’ll invest in them to bring their interests to life at the Club.

Health & Life Skills: Real Life Skills Training for Guys & Gals

What does it take to be a man? Our Passport to Manhood program helps teen boys to answer that question for themselves. Our male mentors tackle some critical issues that guys face, such as violence, respect for women, and the physical and emotional changes that boys experience during their teenage years. Our teen girls participate in a parallel program, Smart Girls, in which female mentors offer guidance around access to women’s health care, the media’s influence on attitudes about women, and the physical and emotional changes that girls experience during their teenage years. Both programs address ethics and decision making, wellness, resilience, cooperation and conflict, diversity, relationships and dating, and maintaining positive self-worth.

Sports & Wellness: It’s a Mind, Body Thing

We only get one body and mind, so we’d better take good care of them. Our Triple Play program focuses on teen activities that provide positive social experiences while incorporating physical activity and nutrition education. From hiking and fishing, to basketball and volleyball competitions, to cooking a healthy meal, through Triple Play, teens learn that taking care of their health is a vital component of their happiness and success.

Keystone Service Club: Do Something Good by Giving Back

Keystone is a community service group for teens who like to get out and make a difference. They spread goodwill throughout their schools, neighborhoods, and beyond as they volunteer to clean up parks and trails, collect canned food, mentor younger kids, raise awareness about significant issues facing youth, and take leadership roles in building a vibrant community through civic engagement.

Teen Nights: A Party Your Mom Actually Want’s You to Go To

Every fourth Friday of the month we open The Club to every local teen, Club member or not, from 6:30PM - 9PM. We provide food, music, movies, games, karaoke, and even run three vs three basketball tournaments from time to time. Teens can come to The Club to meet up with their friends, get to know new people, and spend time having fun in a safe, positive space. Our staff mentors make them feel welcome by remembering their names, what school they go to, and their favorite things to do.